National Gallery of Canada Foundation honors donors with interactive display

Patron names are displayed on a new graphical wall consisting of a series of touch screens.
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A sample display of the interactive donor wall at the National Gallery of Canada Foundation in Ottawa. The wall was designed by X2O media and powered by X20’s Xpresenter digital signage system.

Earlier this month, the National Gallery of Canada Foundation unveiled its interactive donor wall, a digital display of screens that show donor and patron names that can be selected from an interactive touch screen.

The wall was designed by X2O Media and is based on X2O Media’s Xpresenter digital signage system, which was used to give all of the graphics in the application a professional, polished look.

Xpresenter allows Microsoft PowerPoint users to produce broadcast-quality graphics that incorporate animations, clip art galleries, video clips and real-time data sources without leaving the PowerPoint interface. Xpresenter includes a style gallery of graphics templates, custom control panels, video clip previewing and tools for resizing presentations to fit the varying dimensions of output displays and broadcast monitors.

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