National Academy of Television announces broadcast tech Emmy Award winners

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Nov. 2 announced the winners of its Science, Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards for Broadcast Television as well as the nominees for its Science, Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards for Broadband and Personal Television.

In addition, the academy announced that Eddy Hartenstein, former vice chairman of DIRECTV, would receive the Lifetime Achievement Award in Technology & Engineering during the 58th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards.

The awards will be presented at the opening evening event of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Jan. 8.

The Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards honor achievements in two areas: Science, Engineering & Technology for Broadcast Television and Science, Engineering and Technology for Broadband and Personal Television. Emmy Awards also will be presented for the first time for:

  • Outstanding Innovation and Achievement in Advanced Media Technology
  • Best Use of Personal Media Display and Presentation Technology
  • Best Use by Commercials in Creation and Use in Non Traditional Platforms and Technologies.

Technology & Engineering Emmy Award winners for broadcast television include:

  • RCA for Pioneering Development of On Screen Display (OSD) for Setup, Control and Configuration of Consumer Television Equipment;
  • Microsoft, Adobe, Real and Apple for Streaming Media Architectures and Components;
  • Terayon Communication Systems for Pioneering Development for Combining Multiple Transport Streams Which Are Already Encoded, Using Rate-Shaping and Statistical Re-multiplexing;
  • Visible World and Weather Channel for Development and Implementation of Automatically Assembled Dynamic Customized TV Advertising;
  • Gennum for Technology Advances in Serial Digital Interface Solutions, Enabling Over 20 Years of Seamless Studio and Broadcast Infrastructure migration;
  • Rene Anselmo, PanAmSat, for privately Owned and Operated International Satellite Company Primarily for International Video Services

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