NATE Releases New Hoist and Rigging Safety Video

LAS VEGAS—Using the 2016 International Wireless Communications Expo as its platform, the National Association of Tower Erectors released a new Capstan Hoist and Rigging safety video as part of its “Climber Connection” campaign.

In the video, NATE highlights safety tips for selecting and using capstan hoists. There is also a recorded testimonial from a tower climber on performing function tests, checking manufacturer’s guidelines and emphasizing best practices for using a capstan hoist. In addition, the vide features real footage of capstan hoists in use lifting antenna equipment.

The NATE Member Services Committee says it developed the “Climber Connection” campaign in conjunction with the NATE Safety and Education Committee to provide resources and deliver the association’s message directly to the work force. This is third of 12 planned video releases that will be part of the “Climber Connection” campaign; each will focus on a specific safety topic or issue involving working at heights. NATE previously released videos on PPE inspection and 100 percent tie-off.

To see the capstan hoist and rigging video, click here.