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The NAB-HD’s floorplan. Attendees can watch a fully functional DTV station in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In the North Hall of the LVCC, NAB-HD will demonstrate a fully functional local DTV station. Station engineers are encouraged to stop by booth N5000 to view of all the technical, operational and management elements required to broadcast DTV signals in both SD and HD.Studio cameras operate at 720P, while several portable ENG cameras capture images in both 1080i and 720p HDTV.

The 1080i content is edited and then converted to 720p for assembly with the edited studio material. The final output will be transmitted in the 720P format as well as be down-converted to NTSC. The station output will include closed captioning and dynamic PSIP data.

The station output will be transmitted as an ATSC signal throughout the convention center and a standard DTV set-top box will be able to receive and decode the signal for display. The signal will also be available for use by any NAB2005 exhibitor.

The encoded ASI output will be transported via fiber to the Mobile Media area located between the South and Central Halls where it will be uplinked to satellite. The satellite feed will allow KVVU-TV FOX 5 to receive and retransmit the signal to Southern Nevada on the HD channel during show hours.NAB-HD station output will also be streamed online, courtesy of VBrick Systems.

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