NAB Show Super Session Panelists Announced

WASHINGTON: The NAB Show has announced the participants in the new Super Session titled “Unboxing Advertising and Entertainment: Building a Transmedia Experience.”

The panel of experts includes writer/producer, Jesse Alexander (“Heroes,” “Lost”); Ivan Askwith, director of strategy at creative agency Big Spaceship (“Tim Burton at MOMA,” “The Million Baby Crawl”); Elan Lee, chief designer and founder Fourth Wall Studios (“Watchmen,” “Kings” ARGs); Mike Monello, cofounder and executive creative director at entertainment marketing agency Campfire (“True Blood,” “Discovery Channel: Shark Week”); and Ian Sander, executive producer, “Ghost Whisperer.”

The panelists will address “how top entertainment and digital advertising creatives tell stories and build brands across multiple platforms,” the NAB said. “Speakers will share their approach to designing rich, fictional worlds; shaping content for specific media; and enhancing interactivity and audience engagement.”

The panel is scheduled for Tuesday, April 13 from 4 to 5 p.m.

Alexander was an executive producer for the first three seasons of NBC’s “Heroes,” earning him an Emmy for online content. He was also executive producer of “Alias,’ and co-executive producer for the first season of “Lost.”

Askwith is director of strategy at Big Spaceship, where he specializes cross-platform presentations. Game designer Elan Lee “is considered one of the originators of the Alternate Reality Game genre and has more than a decade of transmedia experience,” the NAB said. Lee is founder of the company behind the “Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero” promo campaign.

Mike Monello was one of the creators of “The Blair Witch Project,” and Sander is executive producer and director of “Ghost Whisperer” on CBS.

The 2010 NAB Show takes place April 10-15, in Las Vegas, Nev.