NAB Show: Network/VPG Boasts New HD-Friendly Product Lines

The former Network Electronics is sporting a new moniker these days symbolizing its recent acquisition of Video Products Group of Oxnard, Calif. The newly named Network/VPG descended on the South Hall of the LVCC (Booth SU10814) with both an array of new and upgraded routing, fiber-optic and single processing products, according to CEO Eugene Keane, speaking at the firm’s annual press briefing breakfast on the NAB Show exhibit floor.

Notable among Network/VPG’s new offerings is its MR-TR-3G multirate transponder and converter, which supports more than three dozen uncompressed single-link 3G HD signals on a single strand of fiber. The MR-TR-3G includes full add/drop capabilities for optic-to-electrical and electrical-to-optic conversions of two signals independently. (What’s new is the possibility of bidirectional signals on the same module, compared to having to use two modules before.)

The unit also now provides support for single-link 3 GB HD, along with SD-SDI and HD-SDI. And as for getting into the green scene, the MR-TR-3G now has half the power consumption rate of its predecessor.

Also in its Ventura product line, the firm is showing its new JPEG encoder and decoder. The encoder (VS901-TE-27) and decoder (VS901-TD-27) are designed to provide JPEG-2000 compression of both HD and SD signals and ready them for sending over typical 270 Mpbs networks. Keane said these modules allow HD storage on SDI servers and tape decks, as well as the mapping of HD content into IP and SONET/SDH infrastructure with the use of VS811 cards.

The VikinX Sublime router product line (which was a hallmark of the original company before its recent growth spurt with VPG), has been extended this year with 10 additions to its range. The units provide 32x32 and 64x64 analog video/audio and HD/SD digital video schemes for small and medium configurations.