NAB Content Theater to Feature 3D, Creatures, Critters and Leach

(Feb. 24, 2009) WASHINGTON: This year’s Content Theater at the NAB convention in April will showcase stereoscopic features, real-time animated creatures, very large puddy-tats and Robin Leach, who will host sessions in the big tent.

NAB launched the Content Theater last year to demonstrate how some of the convention’s technology is being used to break ground in TV and film-making. This year, Pixar’s stereoscopic specialists will present a case study of how it converted the 14-year-old images in “Toy Story” to 3D for rerelease in October. Pixar’s first full-length, 3D feature, “Up,” will open nationwide May 29.

The Jim Henson Co. will demonstrate how a technology that allows its puppeteers to crate animated characters in real time through a combination of mechanical inputs, motion capture, and “a proprietary real-time viewer,” according to the NAB release on the topics. The session will be hosted by Sid of PBS’s “Sid the Science Kid.”

Animal Planet is on deck with “Walk the Lion,” a documentary of cat expert Dave Salmoni’s six-month sojourn among the large felines. Saloni will be on hand to talk about the technology and production techniques used in the piece.

Robin Leach, founder of Vegas HD and voice of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” will host the Content Theater sessions.

NAB hits the Las Vegas Convention Center April 18-23.