NAB 2015 Signal Processing Preview

Television signals (and equipment built to “process” them), have certainly changed during the past few decades, but one thing remains constant—as long as there’s television, its signals are going to need to be adjusted, stabilized, changed in format, or otherwise “worked on.” There has never been a dearth of equipment for doing this and the list seems to grow daily. All of the latest “sig proc” gear will be ready for inspection at the 2015 NAB Show.

Digital Alert Systems DAS Audio Management SystemEAS/CAP
is training the spotlight on its DAS Audio Management System (AMS), which provides message aggregation and text-to-speech generation, as well as the DASEOC integrated EAS and CAP decoder/encoder. The company will also showcase the DASDEC-II emergency messaging platform, an omnilingual alert module with translation capability; the MultiPlayer four-channel audio player and switcher that provides multiple audios and independent switching; and the DASLC and DASLCR budget-priced emergency alerting platforms for low-power stations.

will demo its Fiberlink 2353 Series, an SDI to HDMI closed caption decoder.

COMPROMPTER will demo v2 of its Caption Central closed captioning platform, now enhanced with live studio voice captioning.

EEG ScribeEEG will unveil their new Courier and Scribe tools for post-production or near-to-air closed caption creation. Courier is cloud-driven and offers a secure means for exchanging media proxies for closed captioning and includes built-in transcoding and automatic progress notifications. Scribe is a standalone caption editing tool that integrates with Courier.

MEDIAWEN will showcase its cloudbased API, STVHub, an encrypted, interoperable, and scalable platform. Utilizing a web browser, a customer can quickly access STVHub, upload a video file and seamlessly perform and manage closed captioning, subtitling and dubbing functions.

NEXIDIA will highlight v2.3 of its Nexidia QC software tool to automate the QC of closed captions, video description, and languages for broadcast and IP workflows.

TRIVENI DIGITAL will demo new closed captioning features for its StreamScope RM-40, allowing broadcast, cable, telco, satellite, and IPTV operators to effectively monitor closed-caption information for multiple TV services.

will introduce the Phoenix ALIO, a dual-channel IP codec specifically designed for sports and commentator applications.

DAWNCO will show new technology for muxing and demuxing up to eight SD/HDSDI signals on one single-mode fiber. The system also handles audio and RS-232/422 signals.

THE DVEO DIVISION OF COMPUTER MODULES will showcase Helio Quad, an HD-SDI/ASI+IP real-time four-channel SD/HD MPEG-2 encoder that muxes transport streams into simultaneous IP (UDP/RTP) and mirrored DVB-ASI outputs, MPTS or SPTS. Also look for the Futura II ASI+IP affordable SD to 1080i MPEG-2 broadcast encoder.

DIGIGRAM will spotlight their new Aqilim *Serv/Fit video-over IP codec. The unit is enhanced for OTT distribution and encodes multiple streams at multiple resolutions.

Harmonic Elextra XHARMONIC will debut the Electra X family of advanced media processors, the world’s first encoders to support graphics, branding, playout functionalities, and full-frame Ultra HD live 2160p60 encoding. The product line includes the 1RU Electra X2, ideal for all SD and HD media processing applications, and the 2RU Electra X3, designed specifically for UHD encoding, supporting formats up to 2160p60 (HEVC Main 10).

IMAGINE COMMUNICATIONS will showcase the Zenium workflow manager software engine with modular architecture that provides multiple functions including media encoding, processing and packaging.

MEDIA EXCEL will showcase its HERO multiscreen encoder/transcoder, a live/file encoder and adaptive bitrate transcoder for multiscreen services. HERO provides real-time compression up to UHD/4K60p.

TELAIRITY will show its line of H.264/AVC encoding systems, based on the company’s TVP840 multicore processor. Look for the SES3200 ATCA blade-based chassis system, 5000 Series Integrated Receiver Decoders, 7000 Series SD encoders, 8000 Series HD encoders, 9000 Series high-compression HD/SD/mobile encoders, as well as special ENG systems for trucks and aircraft.

TELESTREAM will highlight its Vantage Cloud Subscriptions that allow users to quickly and easily provision transcode farms in the cloud with pay-as-you-go pricing at Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company will also feature v6.5 of its Episode desktop video encoding software, now with support for 608 and 708 closed captioning, improved audio handling and channel mapping, and HEVC and XAVC for super-high-resolution encoding.

Rohde & Schwarz AVHE100ROHDE & SCHWARZ will demo their AVHE100 fully integrated headend solution for encoding and multiplexing which incorporates CrossFlowIP technology.

VITEC will introduce their MGW ACE portable HEVC hardware-based encoder that features both HEVC/H.265 and H.264 capability. Visitors to the Vitec booth should also look for the MGW Sprint portable MPEG-4 H.264 HD codec which provides professional-grade IPTV encoding and decoding in less than 10 milliseconds.

will show their family of processing products, including the Corvid Ultra OEM system for processing and scaling multiformat 4K/2K and HD/Dual-link/SD workflows; the FS1-X compact frame synchronizer/converter, and the LUT-box miniconverter that facilitates 3D color correction for accurate monitoring of video signals.

APANTAC will display their Micro-4K-DPconverter for affordably viewing 4K/UHD content at 4K/UHD resolution on monitors and/or projectors that use Display Port 1.2 (DP 1.2). Also look for their OG-DA-HDTVSDI HDMI to SDI converter with a built-in d.a. that works with openGear platforms, as well as the OG-US-3000/3500 universal scaler for openGear trays.

Barnfind Mini 03 and Mini 04BARNFIND TECHNOLOGIES will show their BarnOne BTF1-09 ASI to IP conversion card and their BarnMini line of conversion products, including the Barn-Mini-03, which takes HDMI to SDI, and the BarnMini-04 which goes from SDI to HDMI. Also look for a new interfacing system allowing Barnfind gear to interface with openGear environments, as well as a new high-density CWDM system that puts 108 channels in one fiber.

CINEGY will show v10 software for digital video processing, including compression.

COBALT DIGITAL will launch new cards for their openGear-compatible modular terminal gear system, including the 9922-2FS dual-channel 3G/HD/SD frame sync with audio/video processing which can sync 20 signal paths. Also look for the new 9950-EMDE-ANC data embedder/de-embedder. Booth visitors should also check out the BBG-1000 series of standalone desktop versions of the new openGear products.

CRYSTAL VISION will show its newest synchronizer, conversion, embedding, keying, interface and control products, including the Safire 3 Xpress real-time chroma keyer. Also look for the LKEY-SQZ keying system that offers squeeze-back functionality and two new control options.

EVERTZ will show its new 7815VPDA dual-path HD/3G video processor and distribution amplifier with optional H.264 encoding, frame sync-ing and up/down/cross conversion.

LAWO plans to showcase their V__link4 tool for signal contribution, distribution and remote production via LAN and WAN. It provides signal processing, video-over-IP coding and more. The company will also demo its V__pro8 eight-channel video processor.

LEADER INSTRUMENTS is unveiling its first 4K rasterizer, the LV7390, which features eight 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and allows monitoring of up to two 4K signals and provides a DVI-D output.

MATROX will spotlight its DSX Developer Products which combine a range of multichannel SD/HD/4K I/O hardware—including low profile cards that support up to eight reconfigurable SDI inputs and outputs—with Windows and Linux SDKs and tools to allow OEMs to create numerous products, including contribution and distribution encoders. Hardware features include motion-adaptive de-interlacers, up/down/cross converters and video compositors.

OSPREY BY VARIOSYSTEMS will showcase four new video capture cards in their NAB Show booth. The Osprey 815e, a single channel HD/SDI card automatically detects and adjusts to HD-SDI and DVB-ASI signals and is suitable for small form factor computers and servers. The 821e is a dual-channel HDMI card, while the 811e is a low-profile, single channel card; Osprey intends both cards to be a launching point for many more Osprey Prosumer cards. The 827e features 3G HD-SDI input, which ingests up to 3G input (SMPTE 424), and an integrated digital video interface (DVII) channel for ingesting standard or high definition analog video as well as VGA and HDMI. All of the new cards will feature PCI Express (PCIe) bus architecture.

WOHLER will be offering an enhancement to its Tachyon Wormhole file-based retiming system that allows users to target specific portions of content for run-time adjustment. The company will also feature the AMP2-E16V modular A/V processing monitor which, in addition to monitoring functions, allows users to perform SDI audio re-embedding and other functions.

will highlight its CX-4 quad transport stream converter that independently converts four transport streams from/to IP and ASI. It supports transport stream encapsulation, FEC, UDP/RTP de-encapsulation and more. Also look for the CX-1 single stream IP/ASI converter; the TSACO-3000, which converts between ASI, 310M and transport streams over IP (TSoIP); and the TSC-6000 which converts between ASI, 310M and TSoIP.

ESE will showcase their ES-71, which converts SMPTE/EBU LTC code or ESE timecode to a USB interface, and the ES-217/BNC and ES-246/BNC products for distributing timecode.

Marshall Electronics VAC-11HU3 HDMI-to-USB 3.0 and VAC-11SU3 SDI-to-USB 3.0 convertersMARSHALL ELECTRONICS will debut two new USB 3.0 converters: the VAC-11HU3 HDMI-to-USB 3.0 and the VAC- 11SU3 SDI-to-USB 3.0. Both are designed for production, web conferencing and other applications and support video formats ranging from SD up to 1080p60 and 1920x1200p60.

MATROX plans to show both its Convert DVI Plus HD-SDI scan converter and the Matrox MC-100 dual-SDI to HDMI mini converter.

TELESTREAM will introduce new enhancements to the Vantage transcoding family that add support for more media formats, including full 4K support and HEVC encoding for Vantage Transcode Multiscreen and Vantage Transcode IPTV VOD. Vantage Transcode Pro will add XAVC decoding and ProRes 4444 encoding.

APANTAC will launch its T# multiviewer, available in three frame sizes (1RU, 2RU, 4RU) and 16 preconfigured models. The preconfigured models can be easily expanded by adding additional input or output boards. T# supports output resolutions up to 1920x1200 including 1080p and is 4K/UHD output ready.

CINEMASSIVE will show their Alpha FX video wall platform. It’s comprised of the company’s Alpha FX processor driven by CineNet Live software. The combination brings matrix switching, 3D accelerated graphics, content management, real-time control and show building to video walls.

CINEGY will demonstrate v10 of its product portfolio which includes a 4K IP-based multiviewer.

Decimator Design DMON-16SDECIMATOR DESIGN will debut the portable DMON-16S, a one-to-16 channel multiviewer with SDI and HDMI outputs for 3G/HD/SD and includes custom layouts, UMDs, audio meters, graticules and tallies. The DMOB-16SL is a “lite” version of the 16S with 3G/HD/SD capability, HDMI output and the same channel capacity and custom layouts. Both can be configured without making DIP-switch settings or using an external computer.

Matrox Monarch HDMATROX will unveil their MicroQuad multiviewer which accommodates 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs to HDMI displays in a variety of resolutions.

PLURA BROADCAST will spotlight their TimerRequestProtocol IP interface to Alpermann-Velte MTDoE timers which enables multiviewers to read production timers via an IP connection and display up to six timers on screen.

ROHDE & SCHWARZ will show their BMM-810 multiviewer for broadcast network and streaming platform operators.

VOLICON will introduce an option for its Media Intelligence Platform, which unites the Observer platform’s recording capability with multiviewer functionality to give users access to multiple live or recorded programs (audio and video), complemented by frame-accurate data, on a monitor wall or other display.

will demonstrate their LUT-box Mini-Converter that is designed to facilitate 3D color correction. It works with Mac and Windows platforms and provides simultaneous SDI and HDMI monitor signals.

COBALT DIGITAL will spotlight their new 9980-CSC 3G/HD/SD-SDI color space converter which features real-time RGB color correction for 1080p 60 signals.

QUANTEL will demonstrate its Pablo Rio color correction software handling 8K 60p in realtime.

Visitors to the EVERTZ booth will want to check out LIVE-X architecture, which allows users to cost-effectively create, package and deliver assets to a variety of delivery platforms and consumer devices.

ISTREAMPLANET will showcase new features for its Aventus platform, including a multiscreen advertising feature that includes first to market support for Nielsen audience tracking. Aventus has also enhanced its support for manual ad and slate insertion. Also new is real-time telemetry, giving Aventus users the ability to pinpoint issues in the live workflow.

MATROX will feature its Monarch HD video streaming and recording appliance. This small H.264 encoder allows users to simultaneously stream a live event and record a mastering-quality MP4 or MOV file to an SD card, USB drive or network-mapped drive for post-event editing.

TROLL SYSTEMS will feature their ESP2000 encrypted stream player, an IP video decoder designed to manage video within a private network or existing IP infrastructure.

WOHLER will demonstrate a range of products that span baseband, streaming, and filebased domains, including an update for its RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transformation. Version 9 offers tools for boosting efficiency of file-based workflows for multiplatform media delivery and providing OTT offerings for leading formats, including MPEG-DASH, HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. It includes anamorphic video handling, 2K/4K UHD support and the Correct video legalization option, which uses Wohler’s RightHue algorithm to ensure color compliance within the file-based domain.

James E. O’Neal has more than 50 years of experience in the broadcast arena, serving for nearly 37 years as a television broadcast engineer and, following his retirement from that field in 2005, moving into journalism as technology editor for TV Technology for almost the next decade. He continues to provide content for this publication, as well as sister publication Radio World, and others.  He authored the chapter on HF shortwave radio for the 11th Edition of the NAB Engineering Handbook, and serves as editor-in-chief of the IEEE’s Broadcast Technology publication, and as associate editor of the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal. He is a SMPTE Life Fellow, and a Life Member of the IEEE and the SBE.