NAB 2015 Audio Preview

Six years ago the U.S. television industry was poised to switch to fully digital transmission. In subsequent years, audio products for 5.1 mixing, monitoring, and metering and loudness conditioning have been ubiquitous at the NAB Show. Looking at this year’s previews, it’s clear that the focus has shifted as audio-over-IP network support—including AES67, AVB, Dante, Livewire and Ravenna—is becoming increasingly commonplace. Interfaces to and bridges between disparate network and transport protocols are proliferating and file-based workflows are now standard operating procedure.

will show their Forum IP digital audio mixing console which features up to 20 fader channels, a redesigned control surface and Dante networking of up to 64 I/O channels.

AZDEN will spotlight their new FMX-42u field mixer, which includes an on-board A/D converter with mini USB for audio output to a smart phone or tablet.

Calrec Summa Processor RackCALREC AUDIO will demo their new optimized Summa Processor Rack which operates with five percent lower power consumption and fewer fans. Also look for a new single-slot modular MADI card that fits into the 3RU modular Hydra2 box and offers 64 bidirectional channels and a sample-rate converter.

DAN DUGAN SOUND DESIGN will feature their new model M and model N automatic mixing controllers that provide 32 channels of auto-mixing at 96 kHz (64 channels at 48k. The model M features optical and copper MADI I/O and the model N offers Dante I/O. There’s also the model K controller, a physical interface for all networkable Dugan products.

HARMAN will introduce new features to the Studer Vista X, Vista V, Vista 1 and Vista 5 M3 digital consoles. The new software update includes the ability to assign Strip Setups as CUE events; support of the Soundcraft Realtime Rack (UAD plug-ins); support for Lexicon PCM96 Surround reverbs with Infinity Core; Input Gain unfold for multi-format channels; Spill Zone for contributing channels; GUI enhancements and new patch groups; A Link embedded Ethernet; and contribution PAN in stereo channel to mono Aux busses.

JK Audio CellTap 4cJK AUDIO will highlight their battery/ACpowered RMx4 field mixer with four mic inputs with switchable 48-Volt phantom power and four-headphone/IFB outputs that are suitable for loud environments. Also check out the RMx5 portable mixer with five input channels, four independent headphone/IFB outputs and a 24-bit USB codec and AES/EBU output. JK will also show the CellTap 4c, a passive device that enables recording of both sides of cell phone conversations on separate channels, and works with most smartphones that use a four-conductor 3.5 mm headset.

LOGITEK will show the company’s networked console systems, featuring densenode AoIP architecture. The company’s JetStream Mini and JetStream Plus routers offer high density I/O that is configurable by the user to precisely tailor audio and networking requirements with a minimum of components and rack space.

MARSHALL ELECTRONICS will introduce the MXL MM-4000 Mini Mixer+ that accepts four mics, has analog or digital output and is compatible with multiple devices, including mobile phones, tablets, DSLRs and computers.

WHEATSTONE will debut a new networked digital audio console, new AoIP networked digital audio rackmount I/O blades, new digital audio signal processing technology and new digital audio software.

YAMAHA COMMERCIAL AUDIO SYSTEMS will introduce v1.6 of its Nuage advanced production system, which supports Cubase Pro 8. Booth visitors should also check out Yamaha’s RMio64-D Dante/MADI audio interface that provides seamless integration between a range of devices and applications.

will show their Hot- Shot2 audio playout and clip management package that provides instant access to local or network audio assets via a searchable database. It supports a virtually unlimited number of audio files and types, including surround formats.

FOCUSRITE will debut RedNet HD32R, a 1RU interface that connects Pro Tools|HD via standard Mini DigiLink ports to Dante networks.

MERGING TECHNOLOGIES will take the wraps off of their Ovation 6 on-air audio playout server that offers a variety of UI options, instant playback, show templates, down-mix, and mix-minus. Also look for the Pyramix 10 high track- and bus-count DAW that supports multiple sample rates, 3D panning, and 64-bit OS with MassCore option, and a new mixer UI. The company is also showing the new ADA8 interface card option that enables up to 16 analog I/O channels with Hapi, and up to 48 channels with Horus. They’re both Ravenna/AES67 compatible.

Sound Devices SL 688SOUND DEVICES will spotlight their 688 mixer with integrated 16-track recorder and MixAssist and incorporates a multichannel mixer, automixer, and recorder, as well as optional SL-6 powering and wireless system. Also ask to see the SL-6 optional accessory for the 688 which allows acquisition of digital audio along with fully integrated control of SuperSlot-compatible receivers.

ZAXCOM will introduce Deva 32, the company’s new flagship integrated mixer and 32-channel recorder for high-end television and film production. Also on display will be the RX-12 wide-band digital wireless receiver that accepts audio from up to 12 transmitters, and has built-in power and antenna distribution along with a color LCD for simple menu navigation.

will show its C-Series line of audio monitors, which provide confidence monitoring for 3G-SDI, analog, AES/ EBU and MADI audio signals in both 1 and 2RU models.

RTW TM3-Primus TouchMonitorRTW will showcase its TM3-Primus Touch- Monitor which combines USB, analog and digital compact loudness and level metering along with vectorscope, RTA, chart, and monitoring capabilities. Also check out the Mastering Tools software DAW plug-in for loudness, level and additional audio analysis. It offers mono-to-7.1 measurement with a surround sound analyzer, RTA, and vectorscope.

TSL PRODUCTS will feature their new TM1 MK2 that’s designed to accommodate the increasing demand for monitoring and control capabilities. Also look for the Touch-mix audio monitoring unit which features a new XY code release that includes a 48-input, 24-output XY audio router for SDI, AES, and analog signal sources.

will show their Nodes AoIP interfaces which offer AES67 compliance. There are analog, AES, microphone, GPIO and SDI models available plus Mixed Signal xNode with mic, analog, AES, and GPIO.

Cobalt Digital Blue Box Group BBG-1000COBALT DIGITAL will unveil the openGear-compatible 9922-2FS dual-channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI frame sync with audio/video processing that synchronizes 20 signal paths. Each new openGear-compatible product is also available in the Blue Box Group BBG-1000 desktop standalone enclosures with front panel controls.

DIGIGRAM will spotlight their LX-IP RAVENNA PCIe sound card that enables recording and playback of up to 128 Ravenna channels simultaneously from a desktop computer. There’s also a new optical MADI interface option for the LX-IP Ravenna PCIe sound card for streaming 64 bidirectional channels of MADI to and from Ravenna equipment. Also look for the new LX-MADI PCIe sound card that supports a 64/64 I/O channel count with low latency. Digigram will also show the company’s new IQOYA *Cloud web-based app for management and operation of AoIP remote live contribution codecs.

FOCUSRITE will show its new RedNet D64R 64-channel interface that bridges MADI and Dante. Also check out their RedNet D16R AES 16x16 AES/EBU Dante bridge with SRC for interfacing between digital consoles, amplifiers, or any AES3 equipment and any Dante network.

HENRY ENGINEERING will present their AES Digital DA 2x4 zero-latency distribution system that provides four AES output clones of either an AES or S/PDIF input. Also look for the AES D2A digital-to-analog converter that works with sample rates between 32 and 192 kHz.

LINEAR ACOUSTIC will debut a new version of NfRemote for AERO.100, AERO.1000 and AERO.2000. It provides local insertion updates, local DRC insertion and more.

STUDIO TECHNOLOGIES will introduce a new version of its Live-Link Jr. fiber-interconnected camera extender system that connects mic/line, IFB, and party-line intercom signals via fiber.

TELOS SYSTEMS will launch the Zephyr iPort PLUS multicodec gateway, which hosts bidirectional stereo codecs (or 16 one-way encoders/decoders) in 2RU, for high-density network transmission via IP links. The company will also debut its newest AoIP codec, the Z/IP One IP Codec with AES for public IP networks and mobile phone data services.

YAMAHA COMMERCIAL AUDIO SYSTEMS will spotlight their RSio64-D I/O rack that supports up to 64 bidirectional I/Os with Dante/Mini-YGDAI card conversion. It also provides router functionality.

will introduce its new SGM-250 shotgun microphone that features wide response, an all-metal body, dual power modes, a low-cut filter and more.

BSI will demo its MIC7000 wireless microphone, featuring an integrated “talk back” switch that allows the user to toggle between on-air recording and off-air communication.

DPA d:fine ultra-lightweight in-ear broadcast microphoneDPA MICROPHONES will debut the d:fine ultra-lightweight in-ear broadcast microphone with an integrated mic and in-ear monitor. It targets broadcast hosts and guests who use in-ear monitors to communicate with their producers backstage or to hear foldback from people interviewed outside the studio.

LECTROSONICS will showcase its L Series Wireless Microphones, which feature wide tuning bandwidth of 75 MHz (3 blocks), quick setup with IR sync, Digital Hybrid Wireless transmission and compatibility modes.

SHURE is unveiling its BRH50M premium dual-sided broadcast headset with detachable cable, featuring a comfortable lightweight design and high performance mic. Shure will also show new Wireless Workbench v6.11 software with Coordination Workspace for calculating operating frequencies. Also look for the new Motiv digital products microphone line that includes four Apple MFi-certified devices. Also check out the MV5 condenser mic, MV88 iOS stereo condenser mic, MV51 large-diaphragm condenser mic and MVi digital audio interface.

will show its Phoenix ALIO dual-channel portable IP codec with remote control software, designed for sports or commentary. Also check out the company’s CrossNET intercom with up to 170x170 ports and connectivity with up to 128 Dante channels. AEQ is also featuring their series 8000 intercom user panels for CrossNET.

CLEAR-COM will demonstrate new features for its V-Series user panels now available through the Eclipse HX v8.0 software upgrade at its booth. The company will also mark the NAB debut of its FreeSpeak II digital wireless intercom system, which succeeds the company’s CellCom system in North America. Clear-Com will also show its recently released LQ Series IP interface devices designed for linking intercom and audio systems across long distances over IP.

EARTEC will show its Comstar all-in-one headset with instant setup and hands-free, full duplex voice communication for up to 800 yards. There’s also the UltraLite headset for Comstar wireless full duplex systems.

Riedel Tango TNG-200RIEDEL will introduce its 1RU RSP-2318 Smartpanel with three high-resolution, sunlight- readable multitouch color displays, stereo audio, multilingual character set and 18 keys. Also look for the Tango TNG- 200, Riedel’s first network-based platform that supports both Ravenna/AES67 and AVB standards, and includes a dedicated intercom application and an asymmetrical 40x80 matrix. Riedel will also show their 1RU STX-200 interface that integrates Skype into intercom systems.

RTS INTERCOM SYSTEMS will show its KP-Series keypanels with Dante compatibility and high-res color displays and multifunction levers that allow one-handed operation.

SONIFEX will debut several new products, including the DHY-04G GSM cellular hybrid, the RB-AEC acoustic echo canceller and a range of five new professional PCle sound and AM/FM/DAB+ radio capture cards.

will launch eRAP, a tool for unwrapping media files and extracting audio for rework and rewrapping.

IZOTOPE promises new post-centric tools specifically designed for ensuring consistent and compliant levels, stems, and surround channels. Also check out the RX 4 application with RX Connect for creating streamlined workflows between popular video and audio editing applications.

WOHLER will demo its new Tachyon Wormhole file-based retiming solution that enables automated plus-or-minus run-time adjustment of media assets while preserving A/V quality and closed caption and subtitle integrity.

eFF provides file measurement and correction to CALM and other loudness compliance standards. It selectively corrects non-conformance breaches without affecting other audio essence.

LINEAR ACOUSTIC will debut AERO. soft, a new software platform that provides enterprise-class ATSC and EBU compliant audio and loudness control, metering, and coding. Telos Alliance Livewire+ connects a distributed audio over IP network of compact and efficient processing engines and xNode flexible I/O solutions. Additional processing functions and I/O can be added at any time.

NUGEN AUDIO will unveil a new ReMem rewritable memory edit mode for VisLM v2. It memorizes the program loudness profile so that only edits need to be measured for an instant calculation of overall loudness values. Also look for LM-Correct v2, which offers single-click loudness analysis and correction speeds up to 100x real time. There’s also ISL v2, which features an intelligent dynamic release mode that enhances algorithm transparency and automatically adjusts to program content in real time. Nugen is also showing DynApt dynamics adaptation technology that’s included as a new extension for LM-Correct. Also new is the new Halo Upmixer for producing a downmix-compatible upmix with optional center channel dialog isolation.

will show its panel connector clip product that turns double-sided acoustic panels into a variety of partition arrangements. Also look for the company’s acoustic panel room kits which provide a simple acoustical solution for small, medium, and large sound studio and production spaces.

K-Tek KBLT-52 KBLT-52 long boom pole bagBTX TECHNOLOGIES will highlight the latest offerings in custom audio breakout plates and panels. A large variety of connectors are available to choose from and free software is available for users to create their own designs and layouts.

K-TEK will show the KBLT-52 long boom pole bag which transports and protects K-Tek and other boom poles that collapse to 52 inches or less. It features smart clamshell-style design and three-layer foam for lightweight durability and wrap around heavy duty dual zippers. Also look for K-Tek’s Stingray audio bags for small audio mixers/recorders.

Steve Harvey began writing for Pro Sound News and Surround Professional in 2000 and is currently senior content producer for Mix and a contributor to TV Tech. He has worked in the pro audio industry—as a touring musician, in live production, installed sound, and equipment sales and marketing—since November 1980.