NAB 2014: Signal Processing

Digital Rapids StreamZ Live 4000EX

LAS VEGAS—In today’s world, it’s all about data, as in: how do we make our pictures and sound into data, how do we manage that picture and sound data, how do we monetize that data, and how do we get that data to audiences in a manner that will make them go “oooh, and aaaahhh?” If you’re asking these questions, then the 2014 NAB Show is the place for you— it doesn’t matter if you work with text, video, audio, graphics, analytics, or are an IT geek, there’s something at the show for everyone.

BLONDER TONGUE will demonstrate an EAS system whch is suitable for campus-style applications, university, government and enterprise.

DIGITAL ALERT SYSTEMS will bring the new DASEOC “M” series to the show, featuring CAP message origination, EAS encoding, CAP monitoring and EAS decoding. Also offered for review is DASDEC’s multistation software with multilingual text-to-speech and the company’s mobile EAS solution.

Haivision Makito-X

GORMAN REDLICH will show the CAPDEC1 with EAS logging, a CAP converter that connects to any manufacturer’s EAS equipment. The CAP-DEC1 translates CAP alerts into EAS headers and analog audio that is connected into an EAS unit.

BHV BROADCAST will debut Syntax Bridge, the newest member of the Syntax HD upconverter series. Syntax Bridge provides closed captioning capability via integration with Microvideo’s HDB 300, which provides simultaneous data management of control signals, transcoding, decoding, bridging and copying.

ENCO SYSTEMS will demo its enCaption3 live automated captioning system, which features an enhanced, real-time speech recognition engine.

NEXIDIA will show QC v2.1, which automates quality control of closed captions, video description and languages for broadcast and IP workflows. QCv2.1 integrates into AmberFin’s UQC solution and Telestream Vantage broadcast automation workflow.

TELESTREAM will demo its MacCaption and CaptionMaker products that it acquired as part of its purchase of Computer Prompting and Captioning last year. Both closed captioning products allow users to easily author, edit, encode and repurpose video captions for television, web and mobile delivery.

AMBERFIN will show iCR v10, with support for new codecs and wrappers, new enterprise-class features, an option for 2:3 adaptive cadence correction, and enhancements to UQC, their Unified Quality Control platform.

DIGITAL RAPIDS will showcase the StreamZ Live 4000EX advanced multiscreen encoder for live and linear multiscreen applications from IPTV and OTT headends and live event streaming. The company will also show the StreamZ Live 8000EX integrated broadcast/multiscreen encoder which simplifies the convergence of core linear television and multiplatform streaming operations.

Elemental LiveELEMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES will show off its video processing platforms which include Elemental Live, Elemental Server, Elemental Conductor, Elemental Cloud and Elemental Stream.

ERICSSON will show their AVP 4000 Solution, including the AVP 4000 system encoder that’s powered by Ericsson’s own proprietary programmable video processing chip. The AVP can be deployed in multiple applications including SD, HD, and UHD, with codecs including MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and JPEG2000.

ENVIVIO will showcase Muse HEVC Live, which is designed to optimize compression for higher resolutions including 1080p or 4K. Also look for Muse HEVC On-Demand, a software-based multiscreen transcoder that accelerates time-to-market, along with Envivio Spark, a flexible solution for video reception, decoding, and multiplexing of variable bitrate signals.

HAIVISION will debut the Makito X Single or Dual SDI and Makito X DVI encoders. Also being shown is the new Makito XR encoders ruggedized for ground-based deployments that require resilience to harsh environments, and the new Makito X Decoder, a low-latency, dual-channel decoder.

HARMONIC will feature a unique, live 4K Ultra HD 2160p60 demonstration at its booth. The company is also featuring its ATSC 3.0-ready Electra universal multifunction, multiformat encoding platform along with a primary distribution solution built on the Harmonic DMS video distribution management system and a new ProView IRD (integrated receiver-decoder). The company will also show its advanced multiscreen ad insertion system that leverages the ProMedia family and ProStream with ACE broadcast and multiscreen transcoder, and integrates with advertising ecosystem partners to enable the monetization of multiscreen services.

INTERNATIONAL DATACASTING is bringing along its TITAN 3 contribution video encoder, a high performance, low-latency 4:2:2 video encoder that’s built to tackle professional outside broadcasting tasks.

LAWO NORTH AMERICA will showcase the V__pro 8, a compact, fully digital, eight-channel video processor featuring crossformat conversion, color correction, and audio embedding/de-embedding. Also at the show, the compact V__link4, for signal contribution, distribution and remote production via qualified LAN and WAN structures.

THOMSON VIDEO NETWORKS will display the ViBE EM4000 premium HD/SD encoder, with a density of eight HD MPEG-4 AVC channels in a 1RU chassis. Also look for the ViBE VS7000 multiscreen and HEVC video encoder.

WORK MICROWAVE has partnered with Adtec Digital to launch Video ACM, an integrated data/video (DaVid) modem and encoding solution that combines Work Microwave’s DVB-S2 Modem SK-DV with Adtec’s EN-91 MPEG-4 HD ultra-low delay encoder for enhanced video contribution.

APANTAC will showcase their Micro-4K, a low-cost 4K to HD downconverter. It supports a 4K input, and offers HDMI and SDI outputs up to 1080p. The company will also demo its HDMI audio de-embedder, featuring audio delay up to 2700 ms and support for two channels of PCM audio, coaxial digital audio and compressed audio.

COBALT DIGITAL will debut their 9970-QS Quad Split, and 9910-DAX16 3G/SD/HDSDI multirate distribution amplifiers for openGear frames. While there, also check out the Blue Box Group BBG-1002-UDX modular up/down/cross converters, and the Blue Box Group BBG-1040-ACO multi-input modular framesync (also available in card format (9940-ACO) for openGear).

CRYSTAL VISION will launch its dual-channel TANDEM 320, which can embed and de-embed into two separate 3Gbps, HD or SD video streams. While at the booth, check out the ADP 310 audio processor and delay line, providing processing and delay for four stereo pairs of AES or two stereo analog pairs.

DEKTEC DIGITAL VIDEO B.V. will fire up the DTA-2174 QUAD 3G-SDI PCIe card, featuring four ports bidirectional 3G-SDI with ASI and gunlock. The company will also demo its DTU-351-SY HD-SDI to USB-3 adaptor with SdEye software, featuring an HD-SDI to USB-3 adaptor for real-time monitoring of uncompressed SD and HD signals.

ESE will demonstrate the DV-242 and DV- 242/LOOP, an SDI digital video (3G, HD & SD) Quad 1 x 2 distribution amplifier, and the ES-289E, an IPV4/IPV6-compatible NTP time server. Also check out the HD- 491/SD, an HD and SD SDI timecode decoder/ generator that can also be used as a translator/timecode converter.

For-A FA-1010FOR-A will show the FA-1010 frame synchronizer, equipped with the various functions needed for video production and that enables multichannel routing (10 video inputs and 10 video outputs).

HARRIS BROADCAST will show an updated Selenio IP media convergence platform, offering more than a 50 percent reduction in rack space, along with the Selenio NEXT, which the company says offers up to 10 times the density and 10 times less power consumption of previous products.

INTERNATIONAL DATACASTING will demonstrate the LASER Multi Program Splicer (MPS), a high-density system for targeted ad and program insertion.

LYNX TECHNIK will debut the APPolo flexGUI, which introduces a customized and highly interactive display for Series 5000 modular equipment. Also at the booth, check out the APPolo Control System, featuring a trigger for pre-programmed and automated actions.

MIRANDA will show its LNS-3910 3G/HD/ SD line synchronizer, a member of the Densité range of signal processing solutions, which provides a clean output on video input hot switches within a 10-line buffer.

Matrox AvioMATROX will demo its Avio KVM extenders, a transmitter/receiver pair that extends two uncompressed-HD or one uncompressed 4K or 4K Ultra HD video, keyboard, mouse, USB 2.0 and stereo analog audio from the host system up to 6.2 miles (10 km) via one duplex LC-LC fiberoptic cable.

PESA will uncage the Cheetah Demux 3G, the Gen2 output embedder and input de-embedder cards, with up to eight channels of audio de-embedding per SD video channel and up to 16 channels of audio de-embedding per HD video channel. Also check out the Vidblox 2K DVI dual link extender.

RIEDEL will show the Studer A-Link Card for MediorNet, which offers massive I/O capacity in a very small hardware footprint. It can provide video with deembedded audio from the SDI streams being sent to the Studer consoles, with return signals embedded back into the video.

ROSS VIDEO plans to unveil their MC1 simple master control system, with extended EAS interface, multichannel scalable operations, and enhanced graphics capabilities (available as openGear module). Also on display is their new transport stream Nielsen Watermarks encoder, NWE-TS, which will watermark up to 10 channels simultaneously.

SNELL will bring along their Sirius 800 which includes frame and line synchronization for clean switching with minimal delay, and also the IQQMD00 4K UHD downconverter. The company will also demo a new hardware configuration for its KudosPro signal processing and conversion solution, extending the system’s functionality by adding up to two singlewidth modules.

TEKTRONIX will debut their new ECO8000 and ECO8020 next-generation master sync and master clock reference generator systems. The automatic changeover units provide extra redundancy for sync generator systems by offering a dual hot-swappable power supply system.

TRIVENI DIGITAL will showcase the GuideBuilder DM (Digital Media) Unified Metadata Management Platform for metadata generation. along with GuideBuilder 5 PSIP, SI, and an ESG generator with Mobile Emergency Alert System (M-EAS) functionality.

WOHLER will introduce enhancements to v8 of its RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transformation Platform now with a new media processing engine that parallelizes complex audio and video processes at “unprecedented” speeds.

APPEAR TV will demo its high-channel density, multiformat SD/HD transcoder module, which provides “any to any” format transcodes, supporting four HD, or up to 16 SD, channels per module. The company will also debut a new multiscreen/ OTT encoder module which supports baseband SDI input for all screen delivery.

KTECH is bringing the DVM-3308, a multiple ASI input to GigE converter to the show. The unit accepts as many as eight ASI streams and converts to GigE. For GigE back to multiple ASI streams, KTech will offer their DDC-4300 which provides as many as six ASI outputs.

SONNET will launch their Echo Express III-D and III-R, the first devices of their kind to ship with 20 Gbps Thunderbolt 2 interfaces. The company will also debut the Echo Express SE II and the Echo Express SEL, both with Thunderbolt 2.

TELESTREAM will debut new HEVC/x265 encoders, along with a new TrafficManager, which automates spot ingest, media processing, loudness correction and format conversion.

APANTAC will demo its line of Tahoma multiviewers and Crescent Video Walls.

AXON will bring to the show their Syn- View multiviewers, with one-field delay. The SynView multiviewers are 3Gbps, HD and feature low latency.

ENSEMBLE DESIGNS will debut its Multiview Magic 2.0, which delivers an offline mode for creating screen layouts, alarms for ensuring signal integrity, new fast authoring tools and independent Edit and Control modes, giving users precise controls for particular jobs.

EVERTZ will showcase their new VIP-10G advanced multi-image display processor, offering multiview functionality with 32 inputs of processing all via 10G streaming physical interfaces. The VIP-10G displays inputs at any size, aspect ratio and position on a single display.

FOR-A plans to show the MV-1620HS, a compact (1RU) multiviewer that accepts up to 16 channels of mixed HD/SD-SDI or analog composite signals for monitoring on one or two screens.

GEFEN is bringing the 4x1 multiview switcher for HDMI, which provides seamless switching between four HD sources outputting to one display.

MIRANDA will demo the Kaleido IP X310, which doubles the number of simultaneous audio and video decodes as the previous Kaleido IP X300, at half the size.

VOLICON will show how its Observer multiviewer module enables users to watch multiple programs on a network wall and use the desktop interface to target and begin inspecting or troubleshooting a suspect stream without delay.

ARTEL VIDEO SYSTEMS will highlight DigiLink, with support for HD-SDI, SD-SDI, and DVB-ASI over IP networks. The company will also demo JPEG2000 compression and DigiLink’s integrated signal routing capabilities.

BARNFIND TECHNOLOGIES will launch a new ASI to IP converter card that converts 4 x ASI signals into 1 x IP stream and will be available in the BarnOne frame BTF1-09 special frame.

DBI (DIGITAL BROADCAST INC.) will hit the floor with MediaFire 4K for 4K, HD, SD, mobile and web delivery via the MediaFire automated master control systems.

DIGIGRAM is bringing AQILIM *FIT/LE, a professional video encoder equipped with 2 GigE interfaces and offering complete IP flexibility.

GLOBECAST will highlight its Globecast XN, a suite of solutions the company offers to its broadcast clients, via which content can be quickly delivered to new markets and worldwide audiences, using the public Internet.

HARMONIC will debut the ProView 8100 commercial decoder, part of the company’s new ProView 8000 family of multiformat integrated receiver-decoders (IRD) that optimize primary distribution of video content over satellite or IP delivery networks.

MEDIA LINKS will demo transmission of 4K video over IP with the MD8000. Also look for their 4K MD8400, a modular, multimedia IP-based transport platform designed to offer service providers and broadcasters reduced cost-of-entry.

MATROX will show the Maevex 5100 Series AV-over-IP H.264 encoders/decoders, for full HD-quality 1080p60 video and audio over standard IP networks with unicast and multicast support. The company will also demo the Monarch HD H.264 encoder that generates an H.264-encoded stream compliant with RTSP or RTMP protocol.

MIRANDA will display its Nvision 8500 IP gateway cards, which convert and packetize real-time baseband video for distribution over Ethernet. And don’t miss the IRG-3401 IP Gateway (for their Densité 3 chassis), a high-density, bidirectional DVB-ASI/IP gateway, as well as the new SME-1901 and SME-1911 streaming media encoders.

NEVION will return with v3.5 of VideoIPath, the company’s managed media services system for IP, legacy and fiber networks.

PEBBLE BEACH will unleash DolphinIP, an integrated channel device which delivers an MPEG-2 and H.264 stream over IP (TSoIP). This adds full-resolution IP delivery to the Dolphin range, and complements the IP output capability.

PESA XSTREAM C-22PESA will debut their Xstream C-22 encoder/ decoder, which combines the features of the PESA Xstream with the flexibility and affordability of a throwdown box. Features include user-selectable choice of two encoders, two decoders, or one of each.

TELVUE will present new features to the TelVue HyperCaster 4.1 IP broadcast server, including up to 20 HD or SD channels in 1RU, integrated graphics, the company’s IP StreamThru switching, PiD remapping and more.

TERADEK will introduce their T-Rax, a versatile rackmount system for IP-based digital video workflows. The 2RU unit accommodates a variety of Teradek technology, including H.264 encoders and decoders, bonded network solutions, and software platforms such as Sputnik and Core.

TIGHTROPE MEDIA SYSTEMS will debut Cablecast Live 100, a streaming server that streams H.264 HLS to iPhones, iPads, Android devices and desktops.

TVU NETWORKS will demo TVU Grid, its IP video switching, routing and distribution package that allows broadcasters to share live video streams between multiple remote locations and switch between them with minimal latency.