NAB 2010: Arri and Zeiss bring Fujinon Into Fold

LAS VEGAS: German camera maker Arri announced a three-way partnership with lens specialists Zeiss and Fujinon this week. The three said their “agreement consists of an open exchange of ideas, standards and technologies, as well as close cooperation in the development of new products.”

Carl Zeiss of Oberkochen, Germany, is known for prime lenses, Fujinon of Saitama City in Japan, for zooms and Arri for its professional cameras. A long-standing working arrangement between Arri and Zeiss has yielded the Arri/Fujinon Alura zoom lens line.

“The group will push developments to encourage more effective integration and communication between cameras and lenses,” the companies said. “Beyond the benefits of idealized mechanical and optical synergies, solutions are needed that respond to the needs of today’s industry and also combine affordability with enhanced electronic data transfer, thereby simplifying postproduction workflows--especially those that
incorporate visual effects elements.”