N2 Broadband and Gotuit Media bring enhanced searching of on-demand content to cable

N2 Broadband and Gotuit Media have announced a partnership to integrate N2 Broadband's OpenStream video-on-demand (VOD) platform with Gotuit TV, Gotuit Media's indexing technology for on-demand video content.

The integrated system is currently in a trial with an unnamed MSO and will be commercially available in the first quarter of 2004, the companies said.

The combined technology enables cable operators using N2 Broadband's OpenStream platform to offer their subscribers the ability to view on-demand content based on their preferences. The Gotuit TV indexing technology combines segment metadata with on-demand video content, allowing consumers to quickly access the parts of a show in which they are the most interested and interactively "surf" through stored content using a standard remote control.

For example, when watching a time-shifted sporting event, subscribers can segment the game into different views - game highlights, favorite player highlights, key plays - without having to watch the game in its entirety. In the case of time-shifted news, viewers can jump to only the stories they want to view - weather, top news stories, etc.

"The ability to index on-demand content introduces a whole new way for consumers to watch TV," said Mark Pascarella, president of Gotuit Media. "Enhanced metadata will drive new methods for navigating on-demand content, creating new ways for consumers to find what they want in the on-demand programming era. Our partnership with N2 Broadband allows us to streamline the integration process and immediately deploy into a huge embedded market."

For more information, visit www.N2Broadband.com and www.gotuit.com.

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