Music Video Producer Acquires FOR-A's digiWarp Virtual Set

Brooklyn, BY-based commercial and music video production company Mega Media Studios has purchased a FOR-A digiWarp-EX II Virtual Studio System with two camera sensors. The virtual set system is being used for seven music videos.

"Using digiWarp means we don't have to build physical sets," said Alex Shvarts, Mega Media's marketing director. "We expect to save a lot of time and money. But it's not just about saving money, since this technology allows us to create unique environments for our stories."

Mega Media's graphic artists can create complex scenery composed of object layers with a live blue screen image-expanding the limits for depth-of-field production in 3D space.
The digiWarp EX II includes a software-based image processor, a controller, and a sensor system. It can integrate with a FOR-A VPS-400D digital switcher, which can include a chroma keyer module and a 3D DVE.