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Multicable Selects CodecSys to Launch OTT

MEXICO CITY: Broadcast International said that Mulitcable, a cable and Internet Service Provider in Mexico, has selected CodecSys from Broadcast International as the core platform to launch its over-the-top video service.

Multicable currently delivers 92 channels of both linear and nonlinear content through its traditional cable service. With CodecSys, Multicable will extend its service to deliver broadcast quality content to PC's and mobile devices. Additionally, the company will expand its line-up to include other video programming services including video-on-demand, on-demand playback, syndicated content publishing, local news and events, and many other rich-media offerings.

CodecSys will stream multiple profiles for multi-device consumption enabling Multicable to create dynamic bundles for consumers based on content and devices. The agreement calls for licenses based on both channel count and user access. It also provides for growth and expansion with simple software upgrades; avoiding the costly pitfall of using proprietary, encoding hardware-based appliances.