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MTV Networks Europe North advances to desktop operations with Pharos Mediator

Pharos has completed a new content management system for MTV Networks Europe North based on the Mediator platform. Located in Amsterdam's Media Wharf near the city center, the new facility enables desktop operations at MTVN from ingest through to broadcast transmission and new media distribution.

MTVN is now using Mediator for content management across six program channels with capacity for up to 20 channels. Mediator manages ingest, media registration, quality control and promotions editing workflows. Mediator additionally manages all transfer management and transcoding for the delivery to VOD and mobile content as part of the workflow.

Mediator also streams browse content and metadata directly to the MediaGenix WHAT'S On channel management system. In addition to MTVN satellite and terrestrial DTV output, the new system also manages delivery of Flash movies to Web viewers — providing file-based delivery end-to-end.

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