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MTV Gold, Italy, installs Etere archive system

MTV Gold is a new satellite channel from MTV Italy in collaboration with MTV Networks Europe. The channel, which started transmission Oct. 1 2007, hosts music from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

The new channel uses Etere media asset management to control and deliver a large number of video assets. It shares the digital music libraries of MTV in an archive composed of both disks and data tapes.

The Etere software solution controls the following devices: SeaChange BMC800 five-node video server, Evertz logo generator, Avid DekoCast and a QuStream PESA router.

The system is integrated with the MTV archive that includes 30TB of hard drive plus a Sun StorageTek SL500 LTO library for long-term storage. Playlist upload-download uses the Etere F90 intelligent import/export system, which integrates the channel with all MTV systems worldwide.

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