MTV Adds Motorola PurePixel Compression Technology to Network

Motorola Inc. Broadband Communications Sector has installed 12 channels of PurePixel-equipped DigiCipher II video compression encoders at the MTV uplink in Happauge, N.Y.

The DigiCipher II encoding system, which will be used to distribute MTV digital programming services, can use full-bandwidth video and audio inputs and provides compression and multiplexing features. The PurePixel technology improves video compression efficiency to allow more programming to be carried on existing satellite transponders.

The PurePixel processing option adds dual-pass compression analysis, temporal and spatial filtering and new scene-detection techniques to the DigiCipher II MPEG-2 compression process. The additional processing is tightly coupled with Motorola's statistical multiplexing capabilities to add more services to existing fixed-bandwidth digital transmission paths and to enhance the video quality of existing program lineups.