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MSNBC establishes collaborative workflow for news editors

NBC has set out to improve its MSNBC news production workflow for creation of shows such as "Headliners and Legends," "Hardball with Chris Matthews" and "MSNBC Investigates."

Avid's DNA solution will improve workflow at MSNBC.

The network’s new production environment is composed of several Avid DNA solutions, including the Avid Media Composer Adrenaline and NewsCutter Adrenaline FX systems, as well as the Avid UnityMediaNetwork shared-storage solution.

"At MSNBC, we face the unique challenge of having to create both up-to-the-minute news stories and polished long-form programs, such as 'Headliners and Legends.' Avid offers powerful editing solutions for both types of work," said MSNBC vice president of operations Nick Tzanis.

"Thanks to the Adrenaline accelerator, our Media Composer and NewsCutter systems can process just about any task in real-time,” he said. “They can be networked in a collaborative end-to-end environment with Avid Unity. This setup is ideal for editors racing to meet tight deadlines, since they can easily share media between systems and simultaneously work on various elements of a segment."

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