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Moscow's Ostankinskaya TV Tower Possible BASE Jumping Site

Most tower owners in the United States go to great lengths to keep BASE jumpers off their towers. BASE (building, antenna, span and Earth) jumping involves leaping with a parachute from a fixed object high above the intended landing zone.

A short note on, roughly translated into English, says, "In the nearest future Ostankinskaya TV Tower, the highest tower in Moscow and second highest in Europe, can become a tourist object. Due to this it may become possible to jump from the tower's top with a parachute."

It isn't clear from the article if this is a side effect of the tower becoming a tourist attraction or if it planned as one of the tourist attractions, along with the shops at the base of the tower.

The article said the tower would not be open for visitors before spring 2008. The tower has been closed for public visits since a fire there in 2000.