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More Lawmakers Weigh in on Unlicensed Devices

The broadcast lobby continues to build opposition to cutting unlicensed devices loose in broadcast channels left open to prevent signal interference.
The NAB said four more lawmakers got on board this week and sent a letter to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin urging him to “move cautiously” on the issue and seek “safer options” for using the fallow TV spectrum. A certain amount of spectrum is left open between broadcast channel in each market to keep station signals from interfering with one another. Traditionally referred to as “taboo channels,” the spectrum is actually used intermittently for wireless mics and other professional broadcast devices that are carefully coordinated with incumbent licensed signals.
The four comprised South Carolina Republican Reps. Joe Wilson, J. Gresham Barrett, Henry E. Brown, and Democratic Rep. John Spratt. They join a roster of 65 lawmakers who have “expressed concern” about unlicensed devices, according to the NAB.