Montreal Production Company Deploys Dejero GateWay For Caber-Tossing Record Attempt

Peter Matulina
Jason Baines set a new world record of 161 caber tosses in an hour during the Montreal Highland Games. (Image credit: Dejero/Photo by Peter Matulina)

WATERLOO, Canada—Caber-tossing fans were able to witness a world record attempt live as Montreal-based multimedia production company Scratch Takes teamed with Dejero this month to stream action from the 45th Annual Montreal Highland Games.

(A caber is a 16- to 20-foot tapered pole, usually made from a Larch tree, according to Wikipedia.)

Scratch Takes deployed a Dejero GateWay M6E6 network aggregation device to overcome limited onsite network connectivity. Leveraging Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology, the unit combined connectivity from local cellular network providers, including Bell, Telus and Rogers, using two SIM cards per network, Dejero said.

The six-modem gateway created a network of networks, delivering enhanced reliability, expanded coverage and greater bandwidth. The solution ensured there were no interruptions to the live stream of the record-breaking attempt as the contest was distributed via the Montreal Highland Games’ YouTube channel, the company said.

“The GateWay was so reliable it integrated into our portable workflow as if it were a wired connection – it felt as though we were connected to the venue’s fixed network,” said John Castillo, founder of Scratch Takes.

No fiber optic access was available on the grounds of Montreal’s Douglas Hospital where the event took place. Using a wireless router that relied on a single network for bandwidth was not an option because of the likelihood of local cellular network congestion, Dejero said.

“A stable connection was our primary concern at the Highland Games,” said Scratch Takes producer Caylamina Roberts. “We had a preconceived idea that Dejero would be out of reach but after weighing up our alternatives, we found Dejero to tick all the boxes.”

“Not only did the GateWay offer everything we needed in terms of connectivity, it was surprisingly affordable, and the personal customer service was impeccable – it was refreshing dealing with real people who truly understood our specific needs.”

The Dejero GateWay also provided internet connective for Scratch Takes.

Jason Baines set a new world record of 161 caber tosses in one hour during the games.

More information is available on the Dejero website

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