Montclair State University students get hands-on experience with Sony HD gear

Montclair State University in Montclair, NJ, recently equipped its DuMont Television Center with upgraded Sony HDC-1400 HD studio cameras and an MVS-8000G multiformat switcher.

The school’s three HDC-1400 cameras are mounted on broadcast pan heads and pedestals. Complementing them is a recently purchased, jib-mounted XDCAM EX series memory camcorder (model PMW-EX3). The studio cameras and switcher are used by the students as classroom tools and also to produce a weekly cable series called “Carpe Diem,” now in its 17th season.

The university also plans to purchase several XDCAM HD PDW-HD1500 optical decks, additional XDCAM EX gear plus an MVS-9000G switcher for its Control Room B.

The Dumont Television Center’s primary mission is to give students a “real-world classroom.” The technology is teaching students about cutting-edge technologies and the convergence of traditional A/V production with an IT-based workflow.