Montanta PBS chooses FlashNet for archive

Software Generation Ltd (SGL), a provider of content archive and storage management software for media and entertainment, will provide Montana PBS with its FlashNet software for a rebuilding of the network’s operations center in Bozeman.

FlashNet, SGL’s software suite for content storage and archive management, has been installed alongside a Qualstar LTO3 tape archive and a Pictron low-res video proxy archive. The FlashNet software is being used in conjunction with Avid Sundance Digital Titan automation to automate delivery of Montana PBS’ statewide service.

Montana PBS reaches more than 150 communities in the region. It is using FlashNet to archive broadcast content, currently SD and soon to be HD.

With FlashNet, the system uses a central storage repository. The archive becomes an extension of the main storage capacity, available to all departments transparently. Whether the archive consists of storage network devices, disk arrays or tape libraries (or a combination of these), it appears as an additional storage area to all applications.

When requested by the asset management or automation applications, FlashNet moves data to nearline disk or removable media (such as tape or optical disk). FlashNet’s database tracks the location of all material and makes it available to the asset management or automation system.

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