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Momentum builds for HD via IPTV globally

This week’s Sound Off is present as an audio podcast.

South Korea recently changed its laws to allow IPTV delivery of linear, broadcast television. Before the move, telco TV content delivery was restricted to VOD offerings.

With the change, two of the nation’s telecom providers, KT and SK, are upgrading their headends to support delivery of SD and HD broadcast channels. Unlike many operators around the globe, both South Korean providers offer consumers up to 100Mb/s bandwidth, making delivery of multiple HD channels to the same household easily feasible.

TANDBERG Television has won contracts with both operators to upgrade their headends for the new service. HD Technology Update spoke with Alan Delaney, the company’s IPTV Business Development Director for Europe and Asia, about the deal and learned that momentum is growing worldwide for HD delivery via IPTV.

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