MOG Solutions provides MXF proxy encoder to NBC for Winter Olympics

The MXF proxy encoder from MOG Solutions will receive uncompressed material from the HD infrastructure and generate a MPEG-4 MXF proxy file, adhering to Sony’s proxy specification for NBC. The unit gives NBC the ability to record on-the-fly static and dynamic metadata in the MXF Proxy file. This metadata is fully synchronized with the video signal, providing editors with automatically generated information, relevant to each particular Olympic event.

The previous infrastructure was capable of simultaneously recording the incoming SD material and generating a MXF proxy file version of the recorded material. The metadata was captured automatically, and on-the-fly while being stored in a database system. At this point the user could also insert descriptions of the content directly into the database system.

Now, with the new HD devices and the MXF Proxy encoder from MOG Solutions, the system will be will be streamlined to get the most efficiency out of the HD coverage. In addition, metadata will be placed inside the MXF file to allow the captured material to remain with its related metadata throughout the entire production and postproduction process, beginning with ingest.

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