MobiTV unveils 'TV Everywhere' system for content providers

MobiTV has announced that it is introducing a "TV Everywhere" system for cable, satellite and IPTV service providers — leveraging its established video streaming delivery systems — for mobile devices, personal computers and other Internet-enabled consumer electronics.

The company provides its streaming technology to AT&T U-Verse Live TV, Sprint TV and T-Mobile TV as well as NFL Mobile on Verizon. It said it delivers more than 220 channels of video, but — according to a recent IPO filing — remains unprofitable.

So MobiTV is turning elsewhere to try to find profitability. It said it has expertise in supporting about 375 types of mobile devices.

Based on MobiTV's existing cloud-based video distribution platform, the service said TV service providers can now offer their subscribers live and on-demand programming for viewing inside and outside the home on personal computers, tablets and a broad range of mobile devices.

The MobiTV product, it said, is easily adaptable for seamless integration with existing TV infrastructure and back-end systems. Customers looking to extend their content to other platforms can leverage MobiTV's existing ingestion and encoding efforts.

As an end-to-end managed service that leverages MobiTV's cloud-based video distribution platform, the TV Everywhere system can help TV service providers reduce time to market and costs associated with deployment and operations. Additionally, the service will be supported 24/7 by the experienced team in the MobiTV network operations center.

"By prepackaging all the necessary components — content ingestion, technology platform, device integration and DRM support — we've taken what's typically a very complex and expensive project for a TV operator and made it simple, affordable and easy to launch," said Paul Scanlan, MobiTV president.