Mobile Video Productions equips new HD truck with Riedel matrix

Mobile Video Productions (MVP), a division of CanWest Media Works, has installed an Artist digital intercom matrix from Riedel Communications in its new HD mobile production truck. The truck, which is wired for 10 cameras, is expected to begin service this month.

The new MVP system includes a 96 x 96 matrix in two frames with coax cards for connecting control panels via coax cable and analog cards for interfacing four-wire audio. In addition, the frames’ redundant CPUs are equipped with fiber connectors to enable the truck to merge its intercom with that of other Artist systems. The fiber connectors will allow the truck to interface with other Artist-equipped trucks as well as with the multinode Artist intercom matrix used at Global TV’s new studio complex in Toronto. When connected via fiber, the systems will function as one larger system.

Besides the matrix and control panels, MVP installed two RiFace radio interfaces to add two-way radio communication to the intercom system. Eight Connect Solo telephone hybrids also were added to allow up to 16 telephone lines to be connected to the intercom matrix.

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