Mobile TV Group adds Abekas disk recorders to fleet

Mobile TV Group (MTVG) has purchased 15 ClipStore MXc high-definition digital video disk recorders from Abekas over the past nine months.

MTVG has built a nine-truck fleet of multiformat HD mobile trucks over the past three years, and each HD truck in its fleet is now equipped with two ClipStoreMXc HD disk recorders.

The ClipStoreMXc makes it possible for MTVG clients to do on-air effects in HD instead of SD.

The ClipStoreMXc disk recorder features an HD/SD channel supporting video, key, audio and time code, which can be used to record or play live video feeds, and to play preprogrammed animated transitions, teasers and bumpers. The disk recorders employed by MTVG are integrated with Lance Design TDC-100 controllers and are used to play animated graphics transitions live on the air, as triggered by the on-air switcher's timeline events.

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