MLB Network Upgrades With EVS

Major League Baseball’s MLB Network has recently installed a complement of EVS XT and X2 series media production servers as part of a facility upgrade program. A total of 12 servers were deployed, including multiple XT3 servers to facilitate workflow among some 40 production workstations.

"In addition to more speed and flexibility, we now have tremendous freedom to access and prepare content from anywhere, not just the control room," said Steve Rittenberg, MLB Network’s engineering manager. "We can enter the database, view and select content from storage, and send it to an editor, all from our corporate computer network [LAN], so it’s ready and waiting. That goes a long way toward pre-production efficiency."

The addition of the new EVS server package and its associated 10 Gbps connectivity has allowed MLB to take advantage of substantially faster file transfer rates and enhance productivity. According to EVS, MLB is the first sports TV production facility to take advantage of this high-speed connectivity in connection with the company’s XT3/XS server.

"This latest upgrade is really about achieving an integrated system that combines more reliable and flexible production with new capabilities such as advanced multicodec support and high-bandwidth 10GigE delivery to and from the EVS system," said Frederic Garroy, senior vice president for EVS Americas. "These new solutions and enhancements help MLB Network deliver the best possible viewing experience while saving resources, streamlining workflows and enabling greater creative capacity."