Mitra intros 3-D microphone for surround field production

Mitra Corp.’s new 3D Mic Pro is an “immersive sound imaging” microphone that captures binaural-like sound with any sound recorder or video camera equipped with an XLR microphone or line connection.

The recorded surround sound elements can be played back in any audio-video system through a pair of closely placed speakers or by headphones or ear-buds.

The company said the heart of the 3D Mic Pro is a patent pending audio signal processing system called SHEM, which simulates human hearing by capturing psychoacoustics and recording into an audio recorder or video camera. When the recorded sound is played back through two closely spaced side-by-side speakers or through earphones, the listener’s brain processes the psychoacoustic information and creates realistic 3-D sound perception.

A 3D Mic Pro records 360-degree immersive sounds like a panoramic lens. It can be used to immerse audiences with multidirectional sound sources. In interview situations, the company advises the use of a shotgun/lavaliere mic to record the voice of the interviewee while using a 3D Mic Pro to record the environmental sound.

The 3D Mic Pro comes with a copy of Waves UM226 for creating a 5.1 surround sound track from 3D Mic Pro recording.v