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Missouri College Broadcaster Upgrades with Telecast

NBC affiliate KOMU-TV8 recently purchased Telecast CopperHead, DiamondBack and Adder video and audio transceivers.

The station--owned by University of Missouri--is building a new broadcast system for campus news and sporting events. Signals are sent to and from Memorial Stadium to other locations on the campus in Columbia, Mo.

The four CopperHead transceivers put the common camera signals on fiber and send them to a central rack area, from where the analog video signals are fed into two bi-directional DiamondBack II video multiplexers. Audio and other data are sent to Adder 882i audio and intercom multiplexers.

The studio broadcasts signals to local viewers and also back to the portable system, which relays instant replays, local weather forecasts, sports updates and sends closed-captioning to big screen monitors.

The portable broadcast system can be set up at wired campus venues and to off campus areas that are equipped with fiber.