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Miranda, Pebble Beach Systems partner on automated playout with graphics

Miranda Technologies has partnered with Pebble Beach Systems to offer an automated, multichannel playout system with rich graphics and an easier transition path to IT-based operations.

The system is based on a tight integration between Pebble Beach’s Neptune automation and Anchor media management and Miranda’s Xchannel playout server with graphics.

Miranda’s Xchannel combines a video server, master control switcher and a branding processor in one integrated device. It’s operated by standard server and branding automation protocols, making it easy to integrate with existing automation systems.

Coupled with IT-based storage systems, Pebble Beach's Anchor media management can be used to move clips and graphics to and from the Xchannel playout and branding servers. The Anchor system integrates closely with the Xmedia Suite graphics management tools to ensure that the correct content is delivered in a timely fashion to the correct Xchannels.

This rich integration allows the Pebble Beach automation system to manage secondary branding events directly, driving the graphics engine in the Xchannel to populate graphic templates rather than relying purely on prerendered graphics or external databases. Miranda's manual graphics control capabilities can be used in parallel with this automation to allow triggering of graphics during live content.

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