Miranda Joins Quest to Offer Twitter Message Display

MONTREAL: Miranda announced that it has partnered with broadcast software specialist Quest Research & Development Corp. to offer technology for displaying viewer Twitter messages on the air.

“We’ve made it much easier for television stations to highlight Tweets from presenters and viewers, as well as Twitter accounts,” Miranda’s Kevin Joyce says. “This creates a highly interactive viewer experience...”

The technology is designed for local U.S. stations and national broadcasters, and is said to represent “a tight integration of Miranda’s Vertigo XG graphics processor and Quest’s Q-Live Twitter social media application.” The companies said it can be “quickly deployed, with minimal staff requirements, by simplifying the tasks of accepting, censoring, and queuing viewers’ Tweets. These Tweets can then be manually or automatically displayed on air.”

Templates for rich and highly animated Twitter and channel branding graphics can be prepared in advance, with full integration across Miranda’s Vertigo Suite graphics automation tools and Quest’s software solutions for local stations. This allows the full mix of channel branding and promotional graphics to be played out, including lower thirds, junctions, and schedule boards.