Miranda founder heads new video processing company

Christian Tremblay, founder and former president of Miranda Technologies, is now the president and CEO of Algolith, a new company specializing in video processing software and related equipment, based in Montreal, Canada.

Algolith was created through the spinoff of Miranda Technologies’ algorithmic group and its executive management includes founders of Miranda and digital asset management vendor Keyvia.

Building on experience gained in developing audiovisual products for Miranda (including the Aquila upconverter and the DT-4101 mosquito noise reducer) Algolith will develop and market video processing solutions for digital cinema applications that range from high-end post-production tools to products for home theater consumers.

In targeting format conversion and pre/post processing applications, the company said it will leverage an exclusive license to Miranda’s intellectual property portfolio. Tremblay said Algolith will also look to partner with strategic companies.

Algolith executive management includes Dominique Ste-Marie, who will serve as vice president and COO (he was founding president of Keyvia); Chon Tam Le Dinh, Ph.D, as CTO (a Miranda cofounder); Michel Poirer, vice president of sales; Jocelyn Ouellet, is director of hardware (another Miranda cofounder); and Daniel Collin will serve as director of software (who has held key positions at Discreet and Matrox).

For more information visit www.algolith.com.

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