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Miranda Technologies recently announced the launch of a new lip-sync probe module that automatically detects audio/video synchronization errors. It integrates with the company’s Kaleido multiviewer and iControl facility monitoring.

The Miranda Densité HLP-1801 features two SD/HD inputs for reference and probed signals and has a stated accuracy of plus or minus 1 millisecond. It supports up to 16 channels of embedded audio and also signals absence of video or audio.

"Traditionally, it’s been difficult to monitor lip-sync errors in multi-channel playout facilities but this can now be done automatically," said Marco Lopez, senior vice president of monitoring and control at Miranda. "Our HLP-1801 can instantly compare two points along the air chain, like the main out and off-air, satellite or cable returns, and generate alarms whenever there’s a lip-sync error."

The HLP-1801 is compatible with Miranda’s Densité-2 and Densité-3 card frames. It includes a software utility that allows operators to fine tune each audio/video channel’s alarm parameters.