MIRA Mobile Television adds Fujinon field lenses to latest HD truck

The latest HD mobile unit from MIRA Mobile Television hit the streets earlier this year with seven 2/3in HD field lenses from FUJIFILM’s Optical Devices Division. The new M11HD production truck carries one XA101x8.9BESM, three XA88x8.8ESMs and three XA76x9.3ESM Fujinon lenses as well as Sony HDC-1450 portable cameras. Included among the Fujinon HD lenses added to the entire MIRA Mobile complement this year are five XA76X9.3ESMs, three ZA22X7.6ERMs ENG-style zooms, one XA88X8.8ESM, one XA101X8.9ESM and a HA14x4.5ERM wide-angle ENG/EFP lens.

MIRA Mobile Television, located outside of Portland, OR, provides mobile production facilities and services throughout the western United States and western Canada. It has found the anti-fog capabilities and image stabilization of the Fujinon lenses to be invaluable for recent productions.

“We encounter every kind of weather imaginable as we cover events for our clients from the Pacific Northwest to the beaches of Southern California to the deserts of Arizona. Being able to stave off moisture, as well as dealing with high winds, heat and all of the unknowns when shooting live sports, make top-notch anti-fog and image stabilization essential for us,” said Bill Duncan, director of engineering for MIRA Mobile Television. “We don’t have to wait hours and hours for our lenses to clear off.”

The truck completed its first live broadcast in mid-February for the CBC’s “Hockey Night in Canada,” which is the equivalent to “Monday Night Football” in the United States. In addition, M11HD has covered several events for ESPN, including the NBA, Major League Soccer and college basketball.