Mira Mobile Selects Fujinon Lenses for New Truck

Mira Mobile Television, a Pacific Northwest mobile facilities company based in Portland, Ore., is in the final stages of launching its latest high-definition production truck and is equipping the Sony HDC-1450C cameras being installed with a full complement of Fujinon lenses.

The lens package includes three XA72x9.3BESM lenses, two XA88x8.8BESM telephotos, and three ZA22x7.6BERM units for handheld camera applications.

“Fujinon’s aspheric technology carries a dual benefit for us,” said Bill Duncan, Mira’s director of engineering. “It uses fewer elements to create an optical image, thereby leaving less opportunity for flare, glare, and other issues. Transporting a lighter lens has a significant impact when it comes to our fuel budget. These days, it’s important to eliminate even a couple of ounces because it can represent a significant cost savings over the long haul.”

The new production vehicle, dubbed “M8HD” will initially be used in tandem with Mira’s M7HD truck to provide dual telecast origination facilities for visiting sports teams at San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose venues. The company operates a total of seven mobile units. Another vehicle, “M9HD” is also expected to be placed in service this June.