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Minnetonka Licenses Amberfin's Surcode Audio Technology

MINNETONKA, MN.: Minnetonka Audio has entered into a licensing agreement with Amberfin for use of their Dolby E encoding/decoding technology.

Called SurCode, the file-based audio tool kit will be used within Amberfin’s iCR line of modular media asset management software.

iCR customers will reportedly be able to create workflows that seamlessly encode and decode Dolby E in files using mixed audio formats and virtually any video format. These can be fed into AmberFin's Unified QC system to validate metadata and transcoding.

“We are proud to join forces with AmberFin, enabling them to quickly add full Dolby E compatibility to their iCR range of products, including their new Unified Quality Control (UQC) module,” said Markus Hintz, Minnetonka Audio’s director of global sales and business development, in a press release. “AmberFin UQC with SurCode for Dolby E will dramatically increase QC workflow efficiency.”

Amberfin chose Minnetonka Audio for their knowledge of codec technologies for an overall better user experience.