Mindego releases new analyzer

Mindego is now shipping the Mindego Analyzer, a software tool for examining the structure, contents and conformance of MPEG-4 media data.

The Analyzer helps MPEG technical professionals more efficiently engineer, test and identify problems with their coding systems, or interrogate streams received from external sources. The software sells in the full-featured MA-4500 or the more economical MA-4000 versions, and may be acquired directly from Mindego or from a Mindego authorized international reseller. A full-featured trial version of the software may be downloaded by visiting www.mindego.com.

The Mindego Analyzer is Windows-based software that takes as input MPEG-4 elementary streams or files in the MP4 format. The software uses a top-down approach to stream examination and provides numerous navigation aids to enable random access at any level of the file and its video contents. Release v1.0 support the analysis of MPEG-4 video (ISO/IEC 14996 part 2), simple and advanced simple profiles, and MP4 atom structure, runs semantic and syntactic video compliance tests, and checks for conformance to MP4 metadata and ISMA v1.0 specifications where applicable. The graphical interface allows for fast access to data.

The Analyzer performs comprehensive video stream analysis, providing header data display, stream statistics, video playback and a picture timeline feature to enable random navigation through the stream. The MA-4500 provides advanced level features such as VBV buffer analysis, macroblock distribution and bit count, peak signal to noise ratio, quantizer and motion vector values and DCT coefficients.

The Mindego Analyzer is available now.

For more information visit www.mindego.com.

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