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Microwave Service Company unveils line of block downconverters

Microwave Service Company has launched a line of block downconverters available in the 2.0GHz-2.7GHz band as well as the UHF bands (450MHz-850MHz).

The company’s block downconverters are designed to convert digital COFDM and analog transmissions to their respective signal range. The 5/6/7GHz block downconverter is a single-conversion BDC with low phase noise and high linearity. Its front end features an LNA and ceramic filter that delivers a 3.5db noise figure with a minimum conversion gain of 24db.

The UHF model also delivers a 3.5db noise figure with an overall typical conversion gain of 24db. DC power can be supplied locally or remotely via the coax to the IF output to both versions.

The company also has introduced weatherproof enclosures to protect the new block downconverters from the elements. The new enclosures include an O ring to prevent moisture from penetrating their rugged aluminum housing.