Microsoft Seeks SMPTE Approval

Microsoft submitted technical specification of the company's Windows Media 9 Series video compression system to SMPTE for the latter's consideration as an openly available international standard. In order to increase the television industry's access to WM9 compression technology, Microsoft decided to open its specification to the software codec.

WM9 promises to be easily scalable from standard-definition to high-definition video and several companies recently announced they were adopting the format for various applications. Some of these applications include BBC Technology's Colledia media management system, Tandberg Television's EN5920 encoder and Quantel's iQ, eQ and gQ post-production and graphics systems.

"I am delighted that Microsoft has chosen to bring WM9's compression technology to SMPTE," said Peter Symes, vice president of engineering for SMPTE. "The creation of an international standard based on this compression technology means there will be new choices for organizations that are strongly committed to the use of open standards and to those looking for the maximum level of interoperability in their products."

Microsoft submitted the draft specification for the SMPTE Engineering Committee meeting held on Sept. 17-20 in Geneva.