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Micronas Introduces 'Breakthrough Chip' for LCDs

Micronas reports that it has produced a breakthrough for full-featured LCD-TV--a single-chip solution with dedicated features including 3D comb filter, component input for HD signals, and low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) outputs.

Micronas designed the VCT 69xyP, a multi-standard video decoder with 3D comb filter, motion adaptive de-interlacer and scaler, micro-controller and graphics processor, stereo decoder and audio sound processor, and LVDS transmitters to directly drive an LCD panel.

The VCT 69xyP lineage includes the Eco Version for smaller LCD-TV requirements with a 2D color decoder, a line-based de-interlacer and 10 pages of teletext. The Basic Version targets mid-size LCD panels, offering a motion-adaptive frame-based de-interlacer and 500 pages of teletext. And the Premium Version features a 3D-color decoder, a motion-adaptive frame-based de-interlacer and 1,000 pages of teletext.

All derivatives of the VCT 69xyP offer full input and output connectivity for peripheral audio and video signals--making the use of additional A/V switches obsolete. Also, an analog PC input and component video inputs for both 1080i and 720p are supported. It also supports the new European HD-Ready label for WXGA FPD-TVs, using a 24-bit RGB interface and an I2S audio input connected to an external DVI or HDMI receiver IC.