Miami Heat improves video workflow efficiency

The Miami Heat basketball organization has installed a scalable content management solution from SGI to upgrade its tape-based ingest environment.

The team purchased an 8TB SGI InfiniteStorage array and an SGI Origin server to create a NAS (Network Attached Storage) environment for its five Avid Liquid editing stations. The SGI InfiniteStorage NAS 2000 consists of an SGI Origin 350 NAS Server and an SGI InfiniteStorage S330 storage array. SGI integrated the encoders, asset management software and the nonlinear editing workstations into one centralized, shared environment.

With the shared storage environment, content is digitized once and is immediately accessible as context-specific data to everyone on the network. The system lets producers and editors put more time into the actual creation of promos, graphics, programs and marketing pieces, and eliminates the time it previously took to copy media from one nonlinear editing station to another.

Last summer, the Heat media production department needed to expand storage and add two nonlinear workstations. Simultaneously, NBA Entertainment in Secaucus, NJ, which produces NBA TV, was implementing its extensive sports content management system.

The team’s 8TB system will satisfy its storage needs for this season. An upgrade would require the addition of another plug-and-play chassis with a populated storage array. Deferring storage acquisition until it’s needed means the team can ride the declining price curve of storage drives.

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