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Meredith’s HD Upgrade Two Years Later

DES MOINES, IOWA: Meredith Broadcasting Group cut a deal with Panasonic two years ago to outfit its TV stations with P2 gear for HD news production. The two-year deal was part of Panasonic's NAB 2008 news. Meredith had agreed to purchase a variety of P2 cameras and camcorders to use in studios and for newsgathering. Television Broadcast did a quick informal Wikipedia survey of which Meredith stations have made the transition. (Acknowledging the fluid nature of Wikipedia, TVB welcomes corrections.)

WGCL-TV (CBS) Atlanta--launched HD local news Jan. 11, 2009;
(CBS) Phoenix--March 14, 2009.
KPDX-TV (MyNet), airing news from KPTV (Fox) Portland, Ore.--not upgraded as of March 2010, though in 16:9. Competitors KGW and KATU do local news in HD.
WFSB-TV (CBS) Hartford-New Haven, Conn.--now 16:9, but not fully HD.
WSMV-TV (NBC) Nashville, Tenn.--Sept. 15, 2008 at 5 p.m..
KCTV-TV (CBS) Kansas City, Mo.--Oct. 20, 2008.
KSMO-TV (MyNet) Kansas City, Mo.--Oct. 20, 2008.
WHNS-TV (Fox) Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson, S.C.-Asheville, N.C.--only major network affiliate still doing 4:3 in the market as of January.
KVVU-TV (Fox) Las Vegas, Nev.--June 29, 2009, behind KLAS, KVBC and KTNV.
WSHM-LP (CBS) Springfield, Mass.--unclear.
WNEM-TV (CBS) Flint-Saginaw, Mich.--unclear.