Meredith Preps for Repack With Comark Parallax Transmitters

Transmitters heading to six Meredith stations affected by the repack

SOUTHWICK, MASS.—As stations are preparing for the FCC repack, the Meredith Local Group is doing so by ordering new transmitters from Hitachi Comark. The Comark Parallax transmitters are heading to six Meredith stations that are affected by the repack—KSMO, WHNS, WNEM, WPCH, WFSB and WGGB.

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The Parallax units are DTV transmitters and vary from 10kW to 65kW depending on the stations’ new Transmitter Power Output levels. Comark will deliver each Parallax transmitter with Exact-V2 exciters, which are software upgradeable to ATSC 3.0; liquid cooling systems; and RF mask filter systems. Comark will manage the shipment and offloading/placement of the transmitters to each facility as part of its Master Purchase Agreement. The company will also provide Meredith with system design services/site surveys.

Parallax transmitters are designed to offer up to 27.5kw TPO per rack cabinet; efficiency with wideband Doherty technology; vertical high-gain power amplifiers that provide 2kW per PA for UHF and 1.6kW per PA modules for VHF band 3; asymmetrical Doherty, providing the same power in 8VSB and OFDM; and hot-swap AC to DC rectifiers.

Three of the transmitters are expected to be delivered in 2017.

For more information on the repack, visit TV Technology's repack silo