Megan Clappe Is Named an SBE Fellow

Megan Clappe
Megan Clappe (Image credit: SBE)

Congratulations to Megan Clappe, who has just been raised to the cherished membership rank of Fellow by the Society of Broadcast Engineers.

As many of the society’s members know well, Clappe is director of SBE certification, which is such a key part of what SBE does for our industry.

“Megan’s daily duties include working with the SBE Certification Committee to operate and grow the SBE Certification Program, which includes implementing and maintaining certifications to match those needs,” the society said in its announcement.

“She coordinates testing with proctors, and all follows up after exams are administered. In all, she is tasked with keeping track of more than 5,000 certifications and recertifications.”

She also provides SBE member and chapter certification support, manages the SBE Awards Program; manages the SBE convention and expo presence; and oversees the SBE Store.

“During her employment as certification director, the SBE Certification Committee has introduced several levels of certification, including CBNE, DRB and ATSC3,” it continued. “The SBE Certification Handbook for Radio Operators has been updated at least twice, and The SBE Television Operator’s Certification Handbook has been updated once. The CertPreview practice test software has been redeveloped once and is slated for a second later this year during her time as director.”

Megan Clappe began her tenure at SBE as certification assistant and receptionist in 2003, working with Linda Baun, who was the certification director at the time. When Baun left in 2006 to work at the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, Clapp took the certification reins.

Sample comments about Clappe’s work, released by the society, include “quick to offer alternative ideas and processes … When the pandemic hit in early 2020 Megan was first to offer an alternative to face-to-face testing.” … “The flue that holds the program together.” “Dedication and determination” in helping launch ATSC3 certification. … “Her contribution to the SBE’s Certification program [is] conspicuous.”

Clappe will be recognized during the SBE Membership Meeting and National Awards Program in October in Las Vegas during the society’s national meeting.