Mediaproxy to unveil Enigma 4 updates

Mediaproxy will release new updates to the Enigma 4 (Series 4) logging solution. The Enigma 4 provides several new unique logging and monitoring features currently not offered in the marketplace.

All Enigma Series 4 can be configured with the following capabilities:

  • Media logging to disk and/or near-real-time monitoring to desktop clients;
  • User-defined segment durations from 1 minute to 24hrs per clip;
  • No gaps with overlap recording at transition points;
  • Remote, interactive configuration and management of operating parameters;
  • Virtually unlimited number of programs in a LogServer network;
  • Comprehensive logging of media errors and system operating states;
  • Real-time indicators in monitoring clients and displayed alongside archive playback;
  • Uses standard Windows 2000/XP/Windows Media platform;
  • Utilizes standard TCP/IP connectivity;
  • Multiple programs per chassis;
  • Unique security/licensing of LogServer components.

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