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Mediamorph Debuts Mediamorph Connect

NEW YORK—Mediamorph has launched Mediamorph Connect, a cloud-based platform that automates avails management by marrying software with a managed service team.

Mediamorph Connect automates the processing and information flow from studio teams and different avails reports and converts them into a universal avails format, making it easier for a video operator to make more real-time content and scheduling decisions.

In recent years, the entertainment industry has been impacted by innovations that have created a multitude of options for consuming entertainment content, coupled with an increased demand for video content, which added content distribution challenges throughout the value chain.

For video operators, this has meant receiving licensed content from multiple providers has become increasingly complex, as differing report formats, contract terms, languages, territories, window dates, devices, metadata formats and asset formats all must be pulled together manually.

However, Mediamorph Connect enables users to optimize and scale the management of avails information from the studios into an operator’s system. The platform will be API driven, enabling integration with studios’ proprietary systems to better streamline the overall digital supply chain.

“Our software layer on top of our managed service team will automate the process and data flow into a trusted universal reporting format of Avails information,” said Mediamorph Co-Founder and CEO Mike Sid.