MediaFLO USA adds college basketball to mobile TV programming

MediaFLO USA has plans to feature more than 300 live college basketball games this season as part of its FLO TV mobile television service. The coverage will be launched in partnership with CBS Mobile, ESPN Mobile TV and FOX Mobile.

Among the offerings will be live coverage of many of the top-ranked men’s college basketball matchups for the rest of the 2008 season, including championship games across all major conferences. Additionally, MediaFLO will deliver live coverage of more than 25 women’s college basketball games, including the conference and Division 1 and 2 championship games.

Last year, MediaFLO broadcast coverage of Wimbledon, NASCAR, the Women’s and Senior’s U.S. Open and the X Games, among other major sporting events. Since launching the FLO TV service last March, it has delivered close to 2000 hours of live sporting event coverage.

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