Media Excel, Verimatrix partner for fast, secure OTT service delivery

Media Excel and Verimatrix have partnered to enable DTV service operators to securely deploy the highest-quality video over any IP network to multiple screens, includes TVs, PCs and mobile devices. A combination of the Verimatrix VCAS for Internet TV solution and Media Excel n-Screen video appliance offers an extensible IP video platform that enables the generation of new revenue streams for multinetwork operators.

Media Excel and Verimatrix bring complementary technologies and expertise areas to address the infrastructure requirements for successful premium video service delivery. Media Excel offers encoder products with software and hardware design that leverages sophisticated video-processing capabilities to deliver an n-Screen multiformat IP video for multichannel live broadcasting and on-demand applications.

Verimatrix integrates its VCAS for Internet TV components within the workflow to secure the keys associated with encrypted content streams and supports a wide variety of authenticated client device delivery options using its ViewRight Web technology.

The Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS) for Internet TV solution enables secure premium content services to a wide range of connected devices, including set-top boxes, connected TVs, iPhones, iPads and Android tablets. VCAS for Internet TV enhances the standard HTTP Live Streaming encryption mechanisms with options for registering and tracking individual devices together with a way to manage device entitlements for content viewing.